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How Ampre Local Works

What is Ampre Local?

Ampre Local is a loyalty program designed especially for local merchants that rewards customers when they shop at your store using their credit or debit card from a participating local financial institution. Purchases are handled the same as any other debit or credit card transaction.

Ampre Local helps you earn additional revenue by giving you the tools to build a tailored loyalty program targeted for members of participating local banks’ and credit unions’ loyalty programs.

How it Works

Participants earn additional points from their bank or credit union’s loyalty program by qualifying for offers that you create and publish on the Ampre Local site. You create an account and create offers simply by creating an account online and selecting your offers.

There is no limit to the number of offers you can create, and you can tailor your offers to target specific customer segments. You can even design your offers to allow participants to qualify for more than one offer, but not to earn more on any purchase than the maximum reward you specify, so you can manage to your budget.


The participating banks, credit unions and other programs that utilize the Ampre loyalty program, market and promote the program and offers to its cardholders through a combination of digital and print marketing efforts to create awareness.


The Ampre Local reporting tool lets you see every purchase by every customer and the reward(s) they qualified for. You will be able to identify your most valuable customers, spot trends and evaluate your marketing initiatives.


Ampre Local is priced on a pay for performance basis. Aside from the cash value of your offers themselves, your only additional cost is 6% of each qualifying transaction. There are no set-up fees, minimums or hidden charges.

Ampre Local Program Benefits


  1. A pay for performance program with no start up costs; you only pay when customers take advantage of your offers.
  2. Extra marketing and promotions by the financial institutions that highlight local merchants participating in the Ampre Local loyalty program.
  3. Offer options that build loyalty and can generate more repeat customers.


  1. Simple to use, no activation or registration required
  2. Special offers at local merchants
  3. More points from their bank or credit union’s loyalty program, encouraging them to continue shopping at merchants participating in Ampre Local to get more rewards from their loyalty program such as merchandise, gift cards, travel, etc.