Millions of cardholders.

Waiting to spend with you.

Attract NEW customers
NO set up FEES

how it works

simple to use and crazy affordable

24 million customers are enrolled in our platform today and continues to quickly grow.
All customers are cardholders from banks and credits unions across the U.S.

you create the offers

You know your business and what drives customers in to your store.

we communicate the offers

Your offers are available to all Ampre Local cardholders and marketed through mobile, social and email channels.

banks validate the transactions

View offer success through simple reports.

see results

average monthly
merchant lift


average transaction value


average transactions per month

Uncover key insights about your customers spending habits.

With our real-time reporting capabilities, you’ll gain a rich understanding of your customer's purchase behaviors. You will see every purchase by every shopper and the reward(s) they qualified for. You will be able to identify your most valuable customers, spot trends, evaluate your marketing programs, and even test different strategies.

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